How to Increase Your Chances to Reach Your Goals

Have you experienced 1 to 1 coaching before?

I get coached regularly because we all need someone else to help us look at things in a different light and also call us on our own “B.S.”.

I reached out to my coach a couple of weeks ago and asked her to help me in my own journey.
You see, for a few months now, I have been pursuing a goal in my life. I feel I have been doing everything I possibly can to reach it, yet it is not happening. (Sounds familiar?)

The journey I went on during that session was extremely powerful and since the discovery I have made, some incredible things have started to manifest.

Let me take you on that journey with me.

It all started when my coach asked me “Do you know how to receive?”
And so I ask you, do you?

You see there are several aspects to goal manifestation.
There are the vision boards, focus, positive thinking, taking action, making things happen…but that’s all about the “doing”.

Often when things don’t work, especially despite all your efforts, it means that there is something going on with the “being”.

There is a difference between “doing the things you need to do” to attract the goal and “being who you need to be” to reach it.
In other words, there is a difference between “attracting” something and “receiving” it.

Take for example someone who complains that nobody helps them but when someone offers they refuse. They are doing the right thing by putting it out there but they fail to reach it because of how they are behaving.

And there are so many examples of that in the world; we usually call them “missed opportunities”. We just miss on the ideal partner, perfect job or best trip. They manifested themselves, they were right in front of us, at arms reach and…gone.

You can learn to receive, there are techniques and tools that you can use to help you.

And here are 3 things that you can do to develop your “receiving muscle”:

  1. Receive all compliments and acts of kindness

Banish the “oh, that old thing?”, “it was nothing”, “you shouldn’t have”…
Replace by “Thank you”.

Whether it is a compliment on your look, or something that you have done. Or someone picking up the check or letting you go in front of them in the queue; just say “Thank you”.

Have you ever been the compliment giver or the person doing a good deed, only to be met by someone deflecting it or going on and on about how you didn’t have to? Did you wish they would just say thank you and “receive” the gift?

There is a lot of giving in receiving.

  1. Maintain a gratitude journal

This one is a classic and I dare say you have come across it before in your readings.

A gratitude journal helps with a whole range of areas. In our particular scenario, writing down a minimum of 5 things you are grateful for that day sends the message that you are an appreciative kind of person.

Why does it matter?

Remember that person who deflected your compliment, went on and on about you picking up the check, or refused your help, did you feel like giving to them again?

  1. Step into your feminine energy

Receiving is an act of “being” and belongs to the feminine energy. Giving is an act of “doing” and belongs to the masculine energy.

Strong women tend to spend a lot of time in the masculine energy, which serves an amazing purpose. They also need to know how to step into their feminine energy.

That means being authentic. To do that, talk about your feelings rather than the situation.

If you are trying to achieve a goal and it’s proving harder than you expected, rather than complaining about how hard it is, talk about how it makes you feel. Disheartened? Down? Frustrated?


After simply reminding myself of a time when I truly received and how I felt and focusing on being in that state, amazing opportunities appeared. And in many areas, not just the one I got coached on.

It is an ongoing exercise until it becomes natural. Today I had to remind myself to receive because I was “going on and on” about a gift someone gave me and I said to them. “I have been focusing on “receiving” and here I am doing the opposite so what I really want to say is “thank you””. I opened my heart and took it in. It felt amazing and liberating.

This is why there is such a thing as the power of receiving. When you learn to receive, truly receive, you open an invisible door that let in everything you are asking for and not just the one thing you are focusing on.

I am so excited by the possibilities that I want to pay it forward to you. If there is a goal you are trying to achieve right now and it’s just not happening, book a time here and we will discuss strategies to get you there.

It’s free, my gift to you, wherever you are in the world.

To your success!


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