“Leading with Confidence” – Online Course


Consider your frontline management like the shell of a boat, the sail and rudder
help with the direction but if the hull has a hole the boat will sink.

Let’s face it, when starting for the first time in a management role, most individuals lack the skills, experience and mindset, and it’s not going to change overnight. It takes 10,000 hours to become a master, that’s over 5 years of work experience.

It’s a minimum of 5 years during which first time managers can (and have) made costly mistakes, impact the morale of their employees and even theirs, leading to high staff turnover and low productivity.

What is the cost of this scenario playing out for 5 years in your business?

What is the cost to the bottom line when managers are disconnected because they don’t know how to engage, motivate and listen?

“Leading with Confidence” is THE online leadership program for first time managers who want to make a difference and create results with their teams. They quickly discover how to

  • Become a respected leader
  • Engage and motivate
  • Lead and inspire

Leading with Confidence has been created for first time managers and has already enabled individuals to become respected and influential leaders. The program includes recorded webinars, templates, different styles of motivation and influential communication strategy.

These learnings are translated into applicable step-by-step actions. They have been tested in a wide range of industries including IT, Bookkeeping, Finance and Law practices.


Craig Photo 1We will use the “leading with confidence” program again as we intend to promote from within in the future and highly recommend this program to any business who wants to see the potential of their team members come out sooner rather than later.

Craig Boyle – Director, MSP Blueshift


The Program

Module 1: Goal Setting For Results

The goal setting module gives you the precise steps to set up goals that will motivate your team and propels your results, which means you can start making your marks within moments of you starting the program. 

Module 2: Values and Beliefs for Success

All great leaders have the mindset that causes results to be delivered, over and over again. This module guides you through what the ultimate mindset for success in leadership takes. It tells you what it is and how to model it.

Module 3: Trust and Delegation

All relationships are built on a foundation of a trust. With this module you will discover exactly how leaders build and maintain respect and trust, and create an environment for success.

Module 4: Communication Strategy

There is no script in the world that can replace understanding the psychological triggers that will create the buy-in decision. This module is the ultimate in influencing people through communication.

Module 5: Handling Conflicts and Difficult Conversations

If you have experience in management, you know there’s a difference between creating a constructive outcome out of a tough conversation and “telling” someone off. The best leaders help their team members grow rather than ‘pushing’ their point of view. This module shows you exactly how to do this.

Module 6: Unlock Team Performance With The 6 Core Motivators

People are not happy to go to work just to make money. They think they’re here for money, and old school management tells you this is where to focus. But they’re really looking to fulfil their 6 core needs, whether resourcefully or not. How do I know? Because we all do on a daily basis. This module shows you how to create the best experience for your team members when you take into account the 6 core needs.

Module 7: Crack The Code For Better Team Work

Have you ever wondered why some people just don’t seem to “hear” what you are saying or seem to switch off? Have you considered that you might not be “speaking the same language?” This module gives you the complete and comprehensive description of the 4 different types of personality, their core motivators and preferred communication style.

Module 8: Developing Your Team Members

Great leaders are those who manage to elevate others and leave a legacy. The greatest accomplishment for a leader is to have someone from their own team go on becoming a leader themselves. This module shows you how to coach and develop your team members.

Module 9: Creating a Compelling Culture

It is commonly said that “people join an organisation for the job, and leave because of the manager”. It is only half of the picture. The other half is that they can also leave because of the culture. This module explains why culture is so important and what are the critical elements you need. 

Screen Shot 2015-11-28 at 1.35.30 pmI undertook the “Leading with Confidence” program with Nathalie Gevinti because I was looking to learn new leadership skills and to polish up my communication skills.
The program helped me learn more effective communication methods and I am feeling a lot more confident as a leader as a result of completing the program.

Bridget Evans – Small b Accounts

What’s Included:

  • Self paced webinar recordings
  • Templates
  • Blueprints
  • Practical exercises
  • Slides
  • Bonus Interviews

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